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Though both are considered Orthodontics & Orthopedics is usually initiated earlier in an effort to assure more favorable facial growth and jaw structure. It is known that only 18-20% of malocclusion in children is genetic. This implies that the remaining 80% of poor bites arise due to environmental factors i.e., poor tongue position, mouth breathing, allergies, or enlarged tonsils and adenoids. As these influences act upon the developing lower face almost from birth, we at Thickson Mills Dental in Whitby believe it is important to try to and counteract these negative influences early and allow for more normal development. Well timed functional therapy can have an astounding influence on your child's development often discouraging mouth breathing, poor sleep habits and a slow physical growth pattern. Functional orthopedics is usually therapy of short duration, may involve removable appliances and often makes more extensive therapy (braces) unnecessary.

Functional orthopedics are a great way to help younger children. If diagnosed on time it may prevent misalignment of teeth, persistent bad breath, tooth decay and other gum problems.

Orthodontic treatments deal with fixing uneven or imbalanced teeth. The purpose of orthodontics becomes necessary to prevent diagnose and to treat dental and facial irregularities. 

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