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Gum disease is likely to occur if the patient neglects their mouth or avoids regular dental checkup. Gingivitis is the primary cause of gum diseases. It usually occurs when plaque and tartar develops in and below gum line inside your mouth causing inflammation. Tartar and plaque can threaten your oral health and hence, a treatment becomes necessary. Gum disease, if recognized at its earlier stage, can be treated with Non-Surgical Gum Therapy. Non-Surgical Gum Therapy includes cleaning the roots to remove tartar and plaque from the roots.

Thickson Mills Dental provides you with a proper treatment for your oral disease and a few visits to our clinic located in Whitby will be enough to resolve your problem.

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Non-Surgical Gum Therapy Options

Localized medication: Once the area of bacteria and plaque accumulation below the gum line has been identified, medication may be administered directly into the affected areas as a first step toward thwarting the gum disease.

Curettage: When your gum is diseased, the tissues around your tooth can show signs of chronic irritation and inflammation. In the process of curettage, we will remove the infected gum tissue so that new, healthy gum tissue can grow.

Root-Planning: Sometimes, gum disease affects the surface of your tooth’s root. Root-planning is when we give your soft tissue a chance to heal from its disease by removing and smoothing small amounts of the infected root surface.

If the treatments described above do not sufficiently address your gum disease, Thickson Mills Dental may make a referral to a periodontist, who would be able to surgically remove the diseased tissue so that proper healing could occur.