Family Dentistry


Book a consultation with Dr. Ahmad and our practice will provide you with a tour of the office to familiarize yourself with our family based office. Our friendly staff will be sure to greet you and alleviate any concerns before and after your initial consult with Dr. Nafisa Ahmad, your family dentistry in Whitby

What advantages does Frequenting a Family Dentist provide?

Family dentistry vs. General dentistry. The two are very alike in a number of aspects. Both are useful to treat teeth's overall health and oral hygiene. Family dentists treat clients of any age, making dental practices, offering family dentistry, the more suited option for families having children. Family dentists specialize their care and attention to your children's baby teeth as well as the whole family's adult teeth!

We value our knack for creating a caring environment for you and yours during all procedures. Children can benefit the most from their initial visit at Thickson Mills Dental in Whitby Ontario, as we can demonstrate the friendly atmoshpere they will receive during future treatments.

We would like to highlight the fact that family dentists make it easier for patients to make same day appointments for your whole family! Less appointments and a combined oral hygiene routine render it much more convenient to take care of your oral health during your busy schedule. We can not underline the value of a thorough dental hygiene regimen enough. By creating appointments for your whole family within a single day, you gain the benefits of more time and less costly transportation to the dentist.
Our patient's optimal oral health and comfort are our biggest concerns. Please don't hesitate to contact our practice to set up an appointment, or for questions or concerns